Make your business/project shine.
Give it a voice!
Medical - Telephony - Documentary - eLearning - Audio tour - Corporate (EN)
Audio Tour City Walk Athens (GR)
Museum Audio Tour Gallery Painting (GR)
Audio Tour Botanical Garden (GR)
Corporate Narration (GR)
E-learning (GR)
Medical Narration (GR)
Telephony (GR)

Make your business shine.
Give it a voice!

A confident, proud, inviting voice reflecting your company’s vision that will make your on-hold message, your company voice mail/telephony, your IVR, your voice recognition software, GPS and AI come to life.

A knowledgeable, pleasant, authoritative voice for your software tutorials, e-learning modules, explainer videos, medical training, internal company video, on-site video and corporate narration that will relate to the customer in a friendly, intelligent and professional level.

An explanatory, engaging, exciting voice for your audio tours for museums, sites and city walks that will make the visit of the guest a memorable experience.

I have a 23year experience in guiding and explaining to guests that comes through to my reads. Do you need a speaker of International English so that all your customers are happy? And what about your Greek and Italian voice over copies? I can do that, too. Any English and Russian scripts I can help you with? It is handy to have one person that can serve you with all of these with excellent audio and a quick turnaround.


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